Scholar Accomplishments… I am Proud! I am Remarkable!

I am proud of joining the Engineers Without Borders team and becoming a project leader. I am the team captain for UC San Diego rugby team. Jose

I am proud of getting into my dream school Berkeley and teaching my parents more about college. Because this school year I focused on teaching them useful information about college they have become more involved in what one needs to seek higher education and they’re encouraging my younger siblings to learn more. Claudia

I am proud that I became an Academic Decathlon National Champion. Mayeena

I am proud of auditioning and participating in the Spring Musical at my school. Amanda

I am proud I learned to balance different projects and prioritize with them. Also learned to keep calm during times of disaster. I am proud I had a paid internship at AON this summer that taught me so much…Thank you CHINA for the amazing experience studying abroad! Daisy

I am proud I maintained a 3.5 GPA or higher every quarter. I am proud I am interning at House of Justice this summer learning more about a career in law. Ingrid

I am proud I had the courage to explore new opportunities and paths, especially a major change at a point where many other people would feel it’s too late. Emily

I am proud I have re-enrolled into UCR and am returning this fall with a much clearer plan and a newfound passion for what I want to do. Noe

I am proud of obtaining As in all of my classes in the fall and during winter, despite all the stress of five classes in the fall and being abroad for winter and balancing doing fun things and still doing well in school. I am proud I spread my wings and studied abroad in Rome, exploring other countries. Tatiana

I am proud I got hired to a marketing position and starting a position that gives a little insight as to what career path I want to take. David

I am proud of being admitted into the Honors Psychology program! I am proud I completed training as a Suicide Hotline counselor and now volunteer at the center. Mariana

I am proud I went from Bus boy to manager in five months. AND I FINALLY MADE DEANS LIST!!!! I’m so happy! My final grades were a B and 3 A’s! Best ever at Cal Poly!!!! Jonathan

I am proud of finishing senior year strong with the completion of 5 International Baccalaureate exams and all A’s and 1 B on semester grades. Claudia

I am proud of my participation in research regarding multiethnic/multiracial identities, which allowed me, as a multiethnic individual, to merge my passion for activism with my academic work. Anne

I’m most proud of my finished photo zine, which I’m now working on getting printed & sold. Chris McComas

I am proud I balanced 30 hours of work with school this spring. I am proud I have set my goals on business marketing after exploring various business options. Mario