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Mentoring for Scholarship Recipients

  • How Do We Change The Statistically Low Graduation Rate Of Low-Income Students?
  • How Do We Prepare Low-Income Students To Be Workforce And Graduate School Ready?
  • With The Changing Demographics In Los Angeles And Across The Country How Do We Meet The Educational Challenges Our Nation Faces In Colleges Across America?
  • As A Generation Who Once Found Our Fathers And Mothers As First Generational College-Bound Students, How Do We Make The Transition Smoother for This Generation Of First In Their Family College Bound Seniors?

The L.I.F.T. Foundation is committed to providing mentorship for all L.I.F.T. Scholars during their four-year college journey and beyond. We believe first in their family, low-income college students will be successful in their college pursuits if they have someone they can turn to for support, encouragement, and advise. They often do not have family or community members who have gone through the college experience or know what it is like to live away from their community and home.

Every L.I.F.T. Scholar receives, not only financial assistance, but mentorship during their four-year college journey and beyond. Each and every recipient convenes with their mentor on a regular basis in order to discuss any concerns and share successes. Mentors encourage students every step of the way by being a supportive listener, and, if need be, an academic guide — helping them to develop fundamental study-skill techniques, make good decisions regarding class and major selection, and positive life choices. When necessary, they provide resources for students for assist a mentor cannot fulfill, from professional counseling to tutorial assistance.


As of June 2021 88% of first in their family to attend college high school students who earned a L.I.F.T. Scholarship are on track to graduate or have graduated already.  Those that have graduated all have careers in their field of interest or have taken the journey to graduate school where 100% of those students have graduated with doctorate and masters degrees, working in careers their advanced degrees enhanced.



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