An Integrated Focus on Meeting Children’s Needs

The L.I.F.T. Foundation takes great pride in providing a variety of education programs that have been an integral component of schools in the Metropolitan School District of Pike Township since 2008. With the move to Los Angeles in 2012 the focus is now on providing L.I.F.T. Scholarships and L.I.F.T. Teacher Grants, along with Mentorship programs.  These are some of the successful programs the L.I.F.T. Foundation has created…

NWEA L.I.F.T. Goal ChallengeUSE_Fotor

This program empowers students to set measurable math, reading, and language arts goals for increased scores on standardized tests. Since it’s start, 1st-5th grade students have shown steady increases in NWEA test scores in math and/or reading every year.

Science Programs

Our science programs vary depending on the specific needs of a school and it’s students, but the constant is that they all provided hands-on interactive learning programs that incorporate multiple disciplines, including math, writing and art.

use5_FotorCreate A Quilt Reading Program

We believe reading skills are essential to all students’ success in school, and are committed to improving student reading skills at all levels. We create and support programs that enhance a love of reading and improve reading competency. The Create a Quilt program is just one way to encourage a love of reading for K-6th graders.

Family Support Programs

The L.I.F.T. Foundation is committed to supporting the whole child, including their families. Our programs support families in need, and encourage them to take an active role in their child’s education and school.

Mentoring Programs


From training peer mentors, organizing one-on-one mentoring. providing specialized mentoring for struggling students, and L.I.F.T. Scholar mentorship, we know that positive role models are a key component to a student’s success.

Since fall of 2013, Mentorship Programs have been expanded with focus in Los Angeles and Indianapolis. L.I.F.T. Scholars now have a summer L.I.F.T. Bridge program and they participate as peer mentors individually and as an inspirational group during our Conversation With L.I.F.T. Scholars.