Pike Township Schools Have L.I.F.T. Teacher Grants

As another school year begins the L.I.F.T. Foundation is proud to offer L.I.F.T. Teacher Grants to teachers K-12 in Pike Township Schools. Teachers can apply for the grants offering up to $1500.00 for interactive student centered programs. Grant applications will be accepted through March 12th, 2012.

The first grant has been awarded to Krista Clanin, a middle school reading teacher at New Augusta North in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her goal is to promote non-fiction readers in her 7th grade classes, enhancing reading, science, and social studies skills. She has found that students have scored low on informational text structure and comprehension scores on the NWEA and ISTEP tests. With the L.I.F.T. Grant Krista will be able to purchase a library of non-fiction books and be able to enrich her student’s lives through reading. The grant will afford her the funding to purchase over 100 books for her classroom that can then be shared with other teachers and students for years to come.

Congratulations to Ms. Clanin. We look forward to sharing the progress of her students as they read and learn about non-fiction topics that cover subjects as varied as Presidents of the United States, Pearl Harbor, Jupiter, Martin Luther King Jr, Desert Storm, Giant Clams and Algae, Extreme Sports, How to Become a Writer, or Tsunamis! The world of knowledge through reading is endless!