Yetnaleci Maya is a four foot eleven inch powerhouse of a young woman, proud to share the beauty of her Mexican heritage from the small rancho in Oaxaca, Mexico as well as hold her own on a basketball court of guys, sure they can shoot a basket over her head easily until they are face to face with her competitive expertise.  She loves to read and understands the value of an education stating “… People who hold knowledge are people who don’t allow themselves to be oppressed.”  Yetnaleci has learned by the example of her loving parents the importance of being an independent woman who can be smart, articulate and beautiful all at the same time.  She is not afraid to share her opinions or explore places new to her.  Her college journey starts at Cal Poly Pomona, where the gift of finding what inspires her has begun.  She states, “Learning does not mean you know more than everyone else, but that you can listen, learn, teach, and grow in a society that does not give everyone an equal chance” simply because of where you live, the money you have, the culture you come from. Yetnaleci is sure to impact the world around her as she uses her knowledge, voice, pride, and passion however she discovers is her most effective tool for change.  Look out world, Yetnaleci is here to make her mark and score big in the game of life!