“I received a grant to purchase 128 high interest nonfiction books for my seventh grade classroom. Through the use of these books the students have been exploring new topics of interest, developing new strategies while reading non-fictions (note-taking, outlining, post-its, and so forth), and teaching others about their topic.

I see the students devouring the information in their books. They are constantly sharing with their peers and me the new things they are learning. Many students love sharing the interesting facts or trying to stump each other with tidbits of information. The students are reading non-fiction books like they are fiction books—when they finish one they move right on to the next one. The other day when I started talking about using a social studies book to help teach a strategy, their faces dropped and looked disinterested. As soon as I pulled out one of my nonfiction books on bugs, I had them hooked again. I believe reading high interest non-fiction books is the way to go to teach kids how to love reading these types of books.”

Krista Clanin
7th grade Reading Teacher
New Augusta North Public Academy
Metropolitan School District of Pike Township