Jacqueline is a self-starter and an individual to never miss the smallest of opportunities presented to her to make that moment count. From her hardworking parents, she has inherited the fortitude to persevere. After her father had a stroke when she was in elementary school life became even more challenging than they were for parents from Mexico supporting two small children trying to make a better life to them. Medical bills mounted and time to care for her father took everything her mother could muster. “To make ends meet my mother spent her days caring for my brother, my dad and me and at night she would stay up making blankets she sold to family and friends.” From hardship Jacqueline learned that even when she is not sure what the opportunity has to offer, she will always say ‘Yes’ and ‘Thank you’, for in some inner place of her soul she knows there is hope here. Today Jacqueline is attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a business major. In her earliest years, she had the opportunity to take ballet classes and her teacher gifted her two tiny bottles of nail polish that in years to come “changed my life for the better.” In the 4th grade she found those bottles of nail polish and experimented with making designs on her freshly painted nails. What fun! Years later, as a 15-year old she auditioned to be a member of her high school marching band and made the team! But she was faced with the cost of band. Creatively and with determination “I hired myself marketing my nail polish skills on my mom’s Facebook page and I was open for business.” She then became the fundraising chair organizing a successful car wash that earned $1200 in profits. From two small bottles of nail polish Jackie would realize a career in Business is her passion. As soon as she began her journey at Cal Poly SLO Jacqueline let passion and determination guide her, taking the opportunity to join the Cal Poly Entrepreneurs Club and participate in the “Start Up Marathon” weekend. Jacqueline is finding her space through fearless determination and commitment, sure to shine and make her dreams a reality.