I have been teaching third grade for 12 years. The students in my
classroom have the unique opportunity to have two teachers. Students
who have been identified as having a learning disability are placed in
my classroom to allow them to receive they services they need for
success. These students are reading significantly below grade level
making it difficult for them to have the opportunities to go to our school
library and select books that they can successfully read.

Our rural district budget does not have funds readily available.
Maysville Local Schools are a Title 1 public school district in rural
southeastern Muskingum County. At Maysville Elementary 20% of the
students served have disabilities, with reading levels at least two years
behind their current grade level. All the students in the district receive
free breakfast and lunch.

The L.I.F.T. Teacher Grant will allow me to create a classroom library
that will boost my students’ confidence as readers and young people!
Children need to practice reading daily and I want to provide quality
selections that will inspire and excite all my students. I want my
students to know that they too can have opportunities to get lost in a
book and learn something new. Our striving readers deserve a
collection of books they too can read with enjoyment!

The ability to create a library with books, rugs, inspirational signs, and
book shelves, will make the space welcoming always and is sure to meet
the goals for increased reading abilities and a love of reading!

This is like a dream come true.  I never dreamed someone would help me to
make my classroom library what I have wanted it to be.
” – Heather Dingey