A little bit about myself here.  This is my 25th year in the District and 14th at Wilson.  I have a BS in Marine Biology and an MS in Geosciences, minor in Art. Having been a long-standing member in the Bolsa Chica section of Sierra Club, Los Cerritos Wetlands, Orange County Astronomers, and coordinating with Algalita, I try to get my students involved in these types of endeavors with opportunities for extra credit after school and guest speakers to the classroom. In addition,  I have enjoyed the opportunity to instruct Geology students in the evening at LBCC.  I try to do at least one field trip per year. Science Education should be fun!

Last year our school started a pathway for the arts program with the idea of offering a multitude of classes aimed at directing kids towards art and media centered programs directing towards careers upon graduation. Thanks to the L.I.F.T. Foundation mini grant I was able to buy the necessary art materials to provide my students with as many visual experiences as possible. For every lab activity, students were required to document their data with measurements and sketches of what they did.