Diana Torres is working to find herself on a large campus like U.C. Irvine. Entering her freshman year, she had declared Biology as her major, sure that she wanted to pursue a nursing degree. An excellent student, she finished her freshman year and started her sophomore year not sure she was finding her passions and her joy. To explore courses more fulfilling became a priority. With great pride, it has been an honor to accept Diana as a L.I.F.T. Scholar her sophomore year.  She has a love of dance, music, painting and helping people. She now volunteers as a mentor for Women and Youth Supporting Each Other (WYSE) at U.C.I. and is taking classes outside of science. Diana has a huge heart and a beautiful smile that seems to reach down to her soul. Her compassion, brains, work ethic, and desire to find her place in the world is evident and with growing confidence she is sure to find the journey that makes her happy.