David Molina defines himself by the many roles he takes on in his life from a musician, a son, a student, an older brother, to a leader.  He exemplified that leadership as the Drum Major at Granada Hills Charter High School.  He plays the alto sax and has been part of an award winning bagpipe ensemble as a drummer. David is a passionate individual, with a love for learning and takes pride in doing everything he attempts to the best of his ability.

Although his parents had him in his teens, they are still together today, with a strong and determined understanding of the importance of a quality education. They finished high school, but the demands of life made a college education impossible. He also has younger siblings for whom he is a role model.

 “I should not even be here today. According to several statistics I am not even supposed to finish high school. In the city I live in, I do not hear stories of people going to school.  I only hear stories of people who have been arrested or recently killed due to gang violence… I was born to teenage parents who always made sure I would never become another statistic… The L.I.F.T. Scholarship… opportunity to choose who I become… lifted away from a world that many only dream of escaping… and be a role model… to inspire and encourage… to get the best education possible…”

 Fall 2014 David starts his college journey at U.C. Santa Cruz, studying mechanical engineering. He dreams of possibly one day being a Disney Imaginer.  Whatever his dreams become, David is sure to make a mark on the world.