Caroline Lawson has a dream of becoming an architect. She does not have anyone in her family who is in this field, yet from the first time we met her interviewing for the L.I.F.T. Scholarship it was evident Caroline will make her dreams a reality.

“From a young age most children are encouraged by their parents, teachers, and mentors to dream — whatever they want to be in life — and no obstacles exist that cannot be overcome with a positive attitude and hard work. Unfortunately, we are often forced with the realization that those obstacles can be slightly more daunting than we had ever imagined. Learning Inspires Freedom Tomorrow means that with the gift of education, anyone can gain the knowledge and the confidence to rise above all obstacles—leaving a positive mark on society.”

While her mother had gone to college, and continues to serve as a role model for her, she knew early on that she would have to pay her own way, unless she received assistance through a scholarship. Thus she remained focused on her studies and even graduated early to begin working and saving for her college education. Her diligence has been rewarded, as she will be a senior at Ball State in their prestigious Architecture Program.

She has had the opportunity to travel with her fellow architecture classmates to Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, and Ottawa to observe and study what these great cities have done architecturally. Her talents as an architect speak for themselves as you have the privilege to see some of her finished projects on this page. 
Caroline is a member of two different architecture related clubs: Emerging Green Builders, which focuses on sustainability in design and AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students), which is partnered with the professional group AIA. She is also a sorority sister in Alpha Gamma Delta taking on the responsibilities of Property Coordinator and serving on the Executive Council. Giving back in the community Caroline has volunteered at a local animal shelter and done work with Habitat for Humanity and The L.I.F.T. Foundation.