Brianna Hampton knew since her elementary school years that she wanted to go “that college with the brown bear and bold blue and yellow hues on the flag”.   She actually did not know what college meant or what those “pretty” flags represented, but a teacher told her about the promise of a college education would mean.  Now she has made that dream a reality as a university student at U.C.L.A., that college with the brown bear.  In turn, her goal is to become an educator herself and give back to the urban Los Angeles community where she grew up.  She is the oldest of five siblings, so not only is she a role model for her community, where many never complete high school, but a mentor and leader in her family to show what can be!  For Brianna “learning is a privilege… no one can take from me. L.I.F.T. would give me the sovereignty over my own destiny…” She understands the importance of mentorship, opening herself to learn from others, and taking every opportunity presented to her.   The next years will sure to be ones of self-discovery, giving back to the community and finding the programs and opportunities where confident, articulate, beautiful, and intelligent Brianna can soar.