Through the L.I.F.T. Foundation I was able to start a Math Pentathlon Program in my school. This math club has provided students with interactive problem-solving games that reinforce and enhance the math concepts taught in the classroom. The Math Pentathlon Program focuses on state and national math standards. It provides math activities to students of varying abilities and learning styles. The L.I.F.T Foundation provided the financial support to get the program started here at Guion Creek Elementary School in Pike Township.

BETTY_FotorI had been involved with the Math Pentathlon Program at another school and had wanted to start a math club at my school. I am so thankful that with the help and support of the L.I.F.T. Foundation, I was able to achieve my goal! I have witnessed students getting excited about math and feeling positive about their accomplishments. That makes it all worthwhile!

Mrs. Bette Brown
2nd Grade Teacher
Guion Creek Elementary School
Metropolitan School District of Pike Township