L.I.F.T. Mini-Grants Helping Teachers in Pike Township and Indianapolis Public Schools

Mini-Grants are providing classroom teachers with a little extra help as they try to provide supplies for their students. Some teachers are using the supplies for books, while others are purchasing notebooks for their students or visual materials like posters and bulletin board materials to make their classroom a welcoming environment that provides important educational cues everywhere they turn.

This year mini-grants are offered to some Teach for America teachers in Indianapolis, Indiana as well as teachers in Pike Township. These teachers are an inspiration, giving back in highly at risk school environments with limited funding and students who are without the financial means to come to school with needed supplies. Providing assistance through L.I.F.T. Mini-Grants allows these teachers the means to buy notebooks, pencils, bulletin board materials, and books, among other supplies so their students can start the year ready to learn with basic materials.

Through your donations additional teachers will be able to assist more students and make learning a possibility for all.