L.I.F.T. Foundation Receives Perpetual Donation

IinMM Productions, a Los Angeles based multi-faceted production company, who believes in entrepreneurship and young people following their dreams, has committed to the Robert and Susan Kozlowski L.I.F.T. Foundation a yearly donation of $50,000.00. This generous donation will be used for scholarships and programs in Los Angeles area schools starting 2013-2014 academic year. Founded in the Summer of 2012, 1inMM Productions is a company that specializes in commercially viable feature-length film production accompanied by an acquisition and distribution division. Their partnership with an educational foundation is rooted in their commitment and belief that the L.I.F.T. Foundation mentors students to be prepared and follow their passion, just as films allow an audience to believe and dream big. It is with gratitude that we accept this donation and applaud 1inMM Productions for their commitment to young people, their passion, and their belief in the Robert and Susan Kozlowski L.I.F.T. Foundation. We look forward to sharing our joint successes.