What Makes You Remarkable?

Why this moment in America is important to everyone?

There is always a belief within the L.I.F.T. family to be there for each other, to celebrate each individual, to pass it forward in schools, the community and amongst each other, and a passionate commitment that equitable opportunities for all should be a right not a privilege. 

First Lady Michelle Obama asked some young people “What makes you remarkable?” during the Netflix documentary Becoming.  Taking liberty to ask the same question to our L.I.F.T. Scholars their answers were personal and remarkable.  Twenty-five REMARKABLE Undergraduate and Graduate L.I.F.T. Scholars shared what makes each of them REMARKABLE! 

a conscious decision to make a difference… tenacious attitude… keeping a level head… prioritizing mental health… putting school into perspective… acknowledging and believing “I got this!”… as a student leader and community builder… dedication to accomplish what makes me happy and those around me happy… ability to find the best in any situation… ability to connect with and show love to all types of people… pursue my goals with passion and heart… beating the odds… ability to connect with people… show up for myself… my will power… my journey to become mentally healthy… resiliency… keeping a level head…fearless leadership… my empathy… willingness to seek new adventures… ability to find solutions in challenging situations… never giving up on my dreams… never wanting to leave spaces the way I found them

The June Summer L.I.F.T. Bridge was a celebration of these REAMRKABLE L.I.F.T. Scholars who shared with the L.I.F.T. family insights only they could put into words.  

With the Summer of 2020 a conscious decision had to be made to open discussion of the importance of Black Lives Matters. Since the June 1st beating death of George Floyd and rising protests throughout the country to acknowledge and create change in ongoing brutality against Black men, along with the societal inequities that have existed always, the L.I.F.T. Foundation made a commitment to open honest discussion and knowledge “Why this moment in America is important to everyone?”.  We were honored to have graduate L.I.F.T. Scholar Mario V. Jones and junior L.I.F.T. Scholar Lonnell Schuler lead the important and sometimes difficult discussion. Our L.I.F.T. family opened their minds and their hearts to listen, question and learn, thanks to the outstanding discussion led by our own family members Mario and Lonnell.  It is our belief that only through real communication can understanding, enlightenment, and change take place.