“Empower YOU Through L.I.F.T. Part 2” A Virtual College Prep Course Exploring the Best College Fit Every High School Student Needs

Is a large campus the best fit?  

              Should you stay home or live on campus?  

                                   How is public transportation around college?  

   Does it matter the major I select when I am an entering freshman? 

                      Is the university hands-on or research oriented?  

                                                     Do I care about diversity on campus? 

How do I balance my mental health with academic demands of college?

              What do I like to do in my free time?  

                                  How important is the academic standing of the university?

The Robert and Susan Kozlowski L.I.F.T. Foundation is proud to offer high school juniors an opportunity to explore these questions and more for themselves and self-reflect on the best campus fit for themselves.  Committed to serving students in underserved communities who do not have a college center or have been displaced because of the pandemic the program provides high school students with a virtual, information filled, hands-on space.  A 20 session, 10 week course was offered spring 2021 and will be offered again Summer 2021 to high school rising juniors/seniors who qualify for the free course. 

*** SCAN the QR code below and CLICK the link if interested in participating!

Navigating the college choices in California can be a very stressful experience.  Always believing KNOWLEDGE IS POWER students are supplied journals and journaling accessories at the start of the course so they have a space to keep their thoughts, reflective exercises, lessons learned, questions, and College Checklist. 

While exploring what is really important to each individual student, trained college students coming from underserved communities themselves are the Mentor/Leaders providing concrete information about colleges throughout California. 

The highlight of the Empower YOU Through L.I.F.T. – Part 1 program is our “College Panel Series” where L.I.F.T. Scholars presently matriculating and L.I.F.T. Scholar graduates, now in the workforce, share presentations about their college from a how navigate map of the campus, to interesting little known facts, to resources unique to their university, to financing and dorm/ apartment life, to their person experiences and success!  The series ran three weeks with 14 college campus presentations!


Each student has the power within to be LIFTED and EMPOWERED for SUCCESS when provided tools for self-discovery and knowledge!