Busy Prepping for A New School Year

Take a look and see what’s happening just as school is starting in Pike Township Schools and Indianapolis School District:

  • Wide-rule paper, crayons, pencils, dry-erasers have been delivered to schools so students and teachers can start the year with the minimum of supplies.
  • Funds were donated to ensure students receive a hot lunch even before all the paperwork is completed for free and reduced lunches.
  • Dates are set for this years L.I.F.T. Scholarship applicants with the qualifying process beginning in September, 2011.
  • Dates for this year’s NWEA 1-on-1 Conferences have been scheduled, with the addition of students working towards “target scores”.
  • Susan has met with all her scholarship students before they head off to college. She always checks in with them before school starts to be sure their schedules are set, all their questions are answered, and to give them that extra positive cheer (and of course one more hug!)
  • Funding for uniforms was provided for families unable to afford this cost.