About L.I.F.T.

about_liftThe Robert and Susan Kozlowski L.I.F.T. Foundation promotes the belief that Learning Inspires Freedom Tomorrow. Robert Kozlowski was a successful business person. Susan Kozlowski is a long time honored educator. With their combined efforts and passion for providing opportunities through education to underserved communities, the mission was established to help students and teachers in challenging, yet always hopeful educational settings.

Although not officially becoming an education foundation until 2008, Robert and Susan Kozlowski’s passion for equality and excellence in education has been a lifelong mission. The LIFT Foundation is dedicated to the beliefs that:

  • ALL students CAN achieve excellence.
  • ALL parents want better for their child.
  • ALL teachers and administrators need support to fulfill the goals for a quality education.
  • ALL students must be personally engaged in the learning process.
  • ALL students working to achieve excellence deserve an equal opportunity for a college education.
  • ALL of a society will be “LIFTed” when a quality education is provided for every child.
  • Mentorship, goal setting, and knowledge are keys to success for first generation/underserved community students.
  • Systemic change in our educational system is needed, until EVERY child has an equitable opportunity to learn.

Our mission cannot be accomplished without the generous support of businesses, schools and the community at large partnering to increase academic accomplishments and make each school year a memorable, learnable experience for our students.