Anne’s perspective on her plight as a young child is worth sharing.

“… Thankfully, the beauty of having all your pillars of truth and strength destroyed is that it forces you to raise those pillars on your own, with the wisdom of a stronger foundation, and a greater appreciation of the process of becoming itself…”

Education has been everything to Anne, with the gift of an education her way to strengthen her pride in herself and see her tomorrow full of promise, even when the walls surrounding her seemed dark and without hope. Education is her hope for the future. She has learned that the “… only way towards success is through honest diligence and sacrifice…” She bares the scars of parents who abandoned her when they found themselves facing prison. Rather than succumb to the pain Anne’s writing became a “…purging process…” which provided a refuge from the feelings of abandonment. As Anne matriculated through school her writing lead to intellectual growth. In high school she was accepted into the very rigorous International Baccalaurate Program at Granada Hills Charter High School where the discussion heavy courses “… emphasized my passion for expressing my literacy voice and sharing my ideas as an individual.”

Now at U.C.L.A., Anne is able to use her life experiences to enrich her academic experiences. For the first time, she can focus on herself without the burdens and worries of family turmoil. She can embrace the mentorship provided by the L.I.F.T. Foundation and use her eloquent voice and brilliant mind to further define herself and her dreams for a bright future.