Safe Havens After The Hurricane


The L.I.F.T. Foundation now has a starting list of items needed for students and school districts affected by Hurricane Harvey. The list includes specific types of backpacks, school uniforms, daily supplies, dry food goods that will not spoil, and even transportation for displaced students. We know school districts and students in the path of Hurricane Irma will also need assistance. We will continue our outreach focusing now on schools and districts affected in Florida, but it is now time to act!

The Robert and Susan Kozlowski L.I.F.T. Foundation is a 501c3 foundation. Every donation you make is tax deductible. Every donation you make will go 100% to assist specific schools, students and teachers needing direct assistance after the hurricane disasters. We will be providing updates of schools we assist and the funds provided for each school on the website. Please know your assistance is deeply appreciated by the L.I.F.T. Foundation and all the schools helped by your generosity.

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